Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Plan

The MennoBaja trip plan, as it currently stands:

Glenn Balzer, Del Hershberger, and Clare, Russ, & Rachel Neufeld, plan to drive / fly to the Baja peninsula and spend 12 days riding / driving / exploring / playing in the dirt and sand.


  • Feb. 13th: Del & Russ pack up trailer w/ supplies / tools and bikes for Del, Russ & Rachel, and leave for Denver (Glenn's place), and upon arrival, pack his bike and additional supplies / tools
  • 14th: Leave for Las Vegas, where we meet Rachel who flies in that evening (United #457@ 8:46pm)
  • 15th: Travel to San Diego, where we pic up Clare that evening (Alaska Airlines #4021 @ 7pm)
  • 16th: Drive into Mexico, unload bikes, head out to our first night meetup at Mike's Sky Ranch
  • 17th through 27th: repeat moving south for a week, staying Sun. in La Paz at "Campestre Maranatha", and possibly continuing as far south as Cabo San Lucas before heading North again as far as time allows
  • 28th: Return to San Diego
  • 1st: Drop of Clare (Alaska Airlines #483 @ 12:50pm), travel to Las Vegas
  • 2nd: Drop off Rachel (US Airways #437 12pm), travel to Denver
  • 3rd: Sort out our trailer arrangements, Del & Russ return to KS
Our progress will be trackable by Spot GPS posts on this Blog.


  1. for anyone out there reading this...should we start a fund for extracating them out due to legal or medical reasons? Hope you all have a great time and we look forward to the pics and stories.

  2. wish I was along for the ride ....is that your trailer Balzer and who's red Virogo is in behind the honda ??? have fun be safe so we can hook up this summer...remember to shake out your sleeping bag for creepy crawlers lol ......D

  3. Hope your trip goes well. On dirt bikes? through the dirt? My dream of a motorcycle ride is cruising from Lancaster, PA to the my home on the California coast on my Honda VTX 1300cc.


    Leo Hartshorn

  4. @ Darrell: The trailer's now legally Balzer's, but it wasn't before we bought it for this trip. The red bike is Del's Shadow (1100 spirit)

    @ Leo: Ya, that's been most of my experience too. Time to diversify a bit...