Thursday, February 19, 2009

continuation of day 1

After a sketchy drive down a muddy, potholed road at dusk, we arrived at our camp spot for the night. Turned out to be a soggy, leaky gem, where we enjoyed some delicious seafood, and cold refreshing beer. 6 were purchased, but no one knows who drank them all. Rumour has it Russ was acting a little strange….but who says that’s any different. there was a nice warm fire burning, and water dripping from e very light fixture. It’s amazing this place wasn’t a lightening storm.
After our scrumptious feast, we discovered that our Hilton hotel came in the form of a 16ft long, 8 ft wide white trailer, which russ and del had spent so much time pimpin out for us! It was perfect. We all settled into our respective areas…. Clare and glen lying foot to foot on the long bunk, del spread out on the single side bunk, russ, on the fold down at the back, and I found myself on the floor. We were all happy and snug as bugs in rugs and I had the best sleep I’d had since I got back to north America. (except when my earplugs fell out and I was woken by a lumber mill working thru the night!)

And thankfully, for glen’s sanity, we awoke to blue skies and a bright sun! whooooop!! We wandered over to the beach for a quick look at the gorgeous ocean, and after realizing that the 730am $1 breakfast was not going to happen (it was 8am, and the doors were still locked up) we hit the road, trying to get some miles under us, so we can finally get on our bikes!!!!! We did make one quick stop in El Rosario for some famous breakfast at the restarurant that has been an offroad check point “since the first one”…40 rys ago. I think the general concensus around here is that we are all chomping at the bit to get on something with two wheels. It looks like it’ll be a morning in the truck again to get across the cactus covered mtns to the other side, where there are apparently some fun trails for us to ride.

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  1. Have Del and Russ told you all that the wonderful foam on the beds for this Hilton came from a junkyard? Don't you love it?