Tuesday, February 17, 2009

El Rosario for Breakfast

After a day of rain and cold weather -things have warmed up significantly! We will be driving to Chapla where we will unload and start riding!!!

Yesterday we crossed the border twice...Russ's fault...but our heart's are full of forgivness and compassion. When we crossed the first time we forgot to pick up our tourist cards - so we drove back to the boarder to pick them up - but Rachel screwed everything up by directing to the exit line - at which point Russ said that was OK...Rachel and her father ditched us and went over to the Mexican officals and waited for Del, Russ and I to cross back into the USA and recross back into Mexico...when we came back into mexico we brought Russ's dad (Clare) his passport.

All in all we were only delayed 4 hours...but the rest of the day was spent trying to outrun the rain...by 5:30 pm the rain finally let-up... so we ate dinner and went to bed dreaming of blue sky's...

more later


  1. Sorry ~ I neglected to warn you about what happens when Clare forgets his passport! Last time that happened to me, i was held at gun point (actually 2 rifles) in a corner of the airport in Amman, Jordon. Would someone please watch out for those Neufeld men ! bn

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  3. Sounds like a normal Neufeld travel experience :) Kendra