Friday, February 20, 2009

day 4 of 5 in mexico

another day passed in the dry baja desert, and yet again, our plans changed. we had hoped to get out of our campsite(in loreta) early to get our bikes south of constitution to try to get 150miles of trail under us. with a late start, and a few stops in search of glen's eluding sprocket, we didn't get to constitution until noon. by then, del and russ weren't thinking this was such a good idea. with a couple of days in fading light (such as the gong show of our nite in the desert) and the need to carry gas to make it to the next gas station, it was decided to scrap that long haul, and just get us down to la paz, where we knew we had the best chance of glen finding this sprocket, so the poor guy could get back on his bike. we arrived at the campground and camp of a family of a friend of russ' (ya, that close) in the middle of the afternoon, unloaded the bikes, and while glen went on his search, del, russ and i tried to get a little riding in while there was still daylight. we headed up into a little peninsula in search of dirt track. all we found were some sandy roads, and highway. we ended up riding a lot of the highway, but it was along BEAUTIFUL coastline!!! we went as far as the asfalt went, and then followed a trail to another beach, where del and russ finally had the chance to ride the beach....which was really done to spite poor glen a little (this has been his goal since the start, to ride along an empty beach). we arrived back at our campsite just as the sun was setting, and had a lovely dinner made by our driver/cook, Clare. a bit of a dissapointing start to the day, but it ended up being quite nice after all...... and glen found a sprocket!

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