Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 2 (Day 1 on Bikes) - pictures/video

The "Pit of Dispair" (per Glenn's imagination)

Coco's Corner

Rae's worst wreck (she wanted to stay down - I did offer help before taking pics) - She's got some very deep bruises from this one, and is walking like her Dad these days. :-P Yes - that's how far her bike tossed her...


  1. More Video!!! Rachel--you look like a good Imperial storm trooper!

    Take care, Kids. WE're praying for you. BTW--Clare has the best job. Ken

  2. How do you say "Get 'Er Done!" in Spanish Rae?... Looks like fun! Can't wait for the stories and vids later.

  3. Oh man--between the pit of despair and Rachel's flight off the bike--this trip looks fun. Del, as always, you've got great form!