Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, Feb. 23

Yesterday we had a great day of riding from El Pescedaro to La Paz, through the mountains in the south and then up Highway 1. I took my first spill there on a hard-packed gravely corner, but there were no witnesses. (If a guy falls in the desert and no one hears him, was there really a sound.) We were going to take another route through a national park, out the road is closed now. Glenn, Russ and I decided to take in one more loop on a side road before the end of the day, and it ended up being the fall of Glenn. He will be fine, but he was really hurting last night.

When we got back to Campestra Maranatha we were greeted by Cindy and her mother this time. As it turns out, her mom is Faye Hooley Byers Taylor Swartzendruber who went to school with my mother and who grew up at the church where I used to pastor in Oregon. We recognized each other right away even though it had been 15 years and a very different context. We also met Faye’s third husband who has all sorts of Hesston connections as well.

To end the day, we needed to change oil in the bikes and did the usual cooking and posting pictures and stories before retiring.

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