Saturday, February 21, 2009

La Paz

We're here at Campestre Maranatha in La Paz, and Glenn's got a sprocket coming today at noon, so we're expecting him to be back on the trail today. Del, Rachel and I rode some yesterday afternoon while he was at the shop, taking roads (paved mostly) up the peninsula. The coast is lined w/ Playa's (resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc), but up at the point we found some nice open beach to play on.

We're trying to post pics and video, but getting them up is an ordeal, and it took 4 attempts and more than 3 hours of the computer "working" on it over a number of days just to get that last clip up. The 'net connections aren't reliable down here. So, pics might be slow in coming...

More writing later tonight?...

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