Friday, March 6, 2009

Videos (HelmetCam) - Day 2, 5 & 6 on bikes

Sorry about the audio on these being so bad - that cheap helmet cam wasn't made for this much wind. (Edit: apparently the audio's not making it through the web conversion that Blogger does on the videos - you're not missing too much) I put tape over the mic part way through the trip when I discovered how bad this was, but it only helped a little. You'll also notice it became increasingly difficult to clean the little pin-hole lens on this thing and the video gets rather dusty at times.

Heading down the wrong road (22 mi one way to the oasis/mission) - Day 2 of riding

Down to the coast north of La Paz (following Del) - the long version of the short clip posted earlier - Day 5 of riding

Some shots of the road and views riding south down the coast from La Paz to San Jose - Day 6 of riding

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